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My Story

I Empower Women to Become Their Own Change Agents

As an advocate, ally, and consultant for women’s education and empowerment, I strive to help women reach success in their personal and professional lives. I believe success is defined on a woman to woman basis; what may look like success to one woman may not to another. At the foundation of reaching that success is having a space which promotes self-care, balance, accountability and the freedom to choose the right path to becoming the queen bee of your life.

My diverse personal and professional background will serve as a solid ground as we work together as co-creators of your new life journey. I have education and work experience in the field of psychology, a doctorate in higher education, and over a decade of experience working in various business sectors, universities, non-profit agencies, and most importantly as an advocate for women.

Contact me today to learn more and join a growing, strong, intelligent, divine feminine community seeking to find their light and change their life.

About Me: About Me
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